What is an Acrylic Door ?

Unstratchable acrylic door; is produced from sizing and banding 1mm ultra glossy surfaced unstratchable acrylic plates and high shining valued panels which used for covering surfaces of mdf panels. Acrylic doors are produced with high-end technology machines and high caution. Acrylic doors, which has very rich colour options are also edge-banded with same coloured bands. Unstratchable acrylic is much more durable product comparing to the others, therefore it is furnaced different ways to gather. Other acrylic doors in the market are not durable for stratching and those sensitive surfaces are to be called acrylic. The acrylic plates we use as Dizayn Ahşap are classified as unstratchable.

Acrylic door is glossy as a mirror do, in the other hand it is highly durable for grinding and stratching effetcs. Today, acrylic doors became useful on every areas of the sector. It took the place of materials that used highly by carpenters and architects like membrane and lacquer. It also grants much brightness and surface fullness according to a membrane door. Including a mirror-reflection effect and %100 smooth surface, better results can be get compared to membrane doors. Door is so hygienic thanks to its smooth surface. By using unstratchable acrylic plates on acrylic doors, grinding and stratching effects caused by common usage can be prevented. Even after years of using the acrylic doors, they maintain their very first-day colour and tones. They do not turn pale or go color fade. The biggest problem of women, stratching by nails are non-existant with those acrylic doors.

Acrylic doors are used at houses, store decoratoins, office furniture, even hospital and bank furniture, at a large market; with no problem caused.